Cast Strainers

Pennant Y-strainers for industrial applications are available with S.S. perforated screens. Pennant Y-strainers are an ideal choice to filter and subsequently remove out pipeline debris such as scale, rust and other impurities in the media.

Size Materials
2” To 8” Carbon Steel/ Stainless Steel/ Cast Iron/ Ductile Iron

Cast Strainers

Strainers for steam, air, oil or water piping, protect equipment, steam traps, valves etc. from dirt, rust or scale, and debris, in the pipeline.

Size PMA/TMA PMA/TMA for cast iron construction
½” To 2″ 570 psi/645 °F 250 psig/ 428 °F

Moisture Separators

The Pennant moisture separator (PMS) is a baffle type separator used for the removal of moisture content in steam which can be drained out as condensate.

Size Materials
½” to 10” Cast Iron/ Ductile Iron / Carbon Steel/ Stainless Steel
PDF10 – Diffuser


Diffuser – Complete SS construction. End conns.: Screwed NPT / BSPT / BSP / SW. Sizes: DN15, 20 *Suitable for use with traps rated upto PN63

Pipe Union


Pipe Union with SS Spiral wound gasket.

PMA (psig) TMA (°F) Size
3045/100 ½” ~ 3”
PVB – Vacuum Breaker


Complete SS construction, AISI 304, End conns. : Screwed NPT / BSPT / BSP

PMA (psig) TMA (°F) Size
300/850 ½”
Sight Glass


Sight glass. Cast Iron construction (Non return type) End conns.: Screwed NPT / BSPT / BSP

PMA (psig) TMA (°F) Maximum Capacity (lbs/hr) Size
228/400 8660 11375 13410 22615 ½” ¾” 1” 1 ½”, 2”
Single Disc Non-Slam Check Valves


Single Disc Non-slam Check Valve. Complete SS construction. A351 Gr. CF8M End conns.: Wafer type – for fitment between flanges

PMO (bar) TMA (ºC) Size
#150 / #300 ½”~ 6”