Steam/ Condensate Manifolds

Pennant Manifolds facilitate effective condensate collection/ steam distribution, with flexible configuration, and neat, easy-to-maintain construction. Properly-sized and located condensate collection manifolds and steam distribution manifolds can lead to more efficient collection and return of condensate in a plant, and increase the competence and consistency of steam trap maintenance and repair programs.

Materials Rating Manifold Size Tracer Line
Pressure Parts – Forged Carbon Steel Internals – Stainless Steel #300, PN63 – 900 psi 1 ½”- Socket Weld to ASME B16.11 ½” to 1” – Screwed/ Socket Weld to ASME B16.11

Compact Module

  • All-in-one compact unit – trap isolation, test, vent, and blow-down valves with bolted on steam trap. Replaces bulky conventional piped assemblies
  • In-built bypass arrangement – no additional piping required
  • Fully repairable piston valves for isolation
  • Only 2 welds to fit
  • Forged carbon steel construction

Steam Trap Modules

The Pennant trap module is a complete system which includes isolation valves, by-pass valves, and trapping device, interconnected with pipes, flanges, reducers, elbows, etc. In response to specific requests, strainers, sight check, check valve, etc. could be supplied duly fitted into the system.