For 30 years, we, at Pennant have been partnering with our customers and bringing them new-age engineered solutions that drive their industries and their business goals. This co-creation has helped foster bonds that have been built steadily and gradually, and have lasted us years. Our expertise in the steam and energy areas of industrial plants is demonstrated through the products, services and solutions we offer. Customized as per individual requirement, our smart engineered solutions will benefit your business across the board.

We aim to ‘Lead the Way’ while focusing on meeting your needs. Which means we are continually innovating and developing revolutionary solutions, allowing us to stay a step ahead, anticipating your needs even before you do. You can take advantage of our wide spectrum of products, services, and engineered solutions whether it is to extend an existing system, to build a new plant or just to keep your system at its peak performance.

Our experience over the years, and across countries, has honed our expertise. We understand the finer nuances of steam business in different regions of the world. This extensive understanding translates into intelligent, next-generation solutions. We lead the way in creating more sustainable products and solutions that support the industry while lessening the impact on the environment. We bring you smart solutions, intuitive products, more knowledge and better-empowered businesses.

Whether you are looking for energy saving, environmental performance, or safety and regulatory compliance, our solutions will work around your demands and help you make the most of your plant.

We offer specialized services beyond the scope of steam and energy requirements. Broadly, our services include:

consulting services
Consulting Services

From the moment you approach us with your requirement, through design, fabrication, and installation, and servicing the plant, you will benefit from a dedicated and expert service.

  • Full engineering thermal/process, mechanical, pressure part and structural design packages for all listed areas of products and expertise.
  • EnergyFlow Diagrams (EFDs) and Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) for listed areas of products and expertise.
  • Equipment specifications, materials selection and technical documentation for inquiry and purchasing.
  • Assessment of plant utility needs.
  • Isometric drawings for all utilities like steam, condensate, process water, chilled water, etc.
  • Detailed P & I diagrams for each utility.
  • Pipe routings & layouts.
  • Equipment layout drawings with equipment specifications.
  • Management and coordination of the engineering disciplines for small to medium sized projects.
  • Client interface and interpretation of all technical or design matters.
  • Detailed Bill of Material and Specifications Data Sheets.
  • Pipe routing and layouts.
regular audits
Regular Audits

We have the qualification to help you standardize your entire system. You can opt for a steam system audit that will be custom designed to your needs. The audit can assess just a single plant room, or your entire steam system, depending upon what your requirement is.

installation and commissioning
Installation & Commissioning

One of our many distinguishing qualities is our sense of ownership and the accountability of your project. Our service covers the entire spectrum of requirements for your project and goes beyond consulting and designing equipment for your system, to include installation and commissioning as well.

This way we ensure optimum plant performance and follow-up services if and when required.

maintenance and repairs
Maintenance & Repairs

Your core competency lies in running and managing your industry. Keeping your manufacturing unit running in top condition is ours. You can sign a Service Agreement with us and outsource all your plant maintenance responsibilities to us.