De-superheaterheating Systems


  • Correct quantity of water to be sprayed, proper automization, effective evaporation perfect temperature control etc. Are considered by us indesigning Desuperheater.
  • The heart of the Desuperheater is correctly sized spray nozzle. The spray nozzles are so designed to achieve a high degree of automization even at low differential pressures. The fluctuations in flow are taken care of by a suitably sized spray water control valve. Temperature sensing is done by RTD/TC and spray water flow is comtrolled by a temperature controller.
  • Isolating valves, by – pass valves, strainers, non-return valves and inter connected piping are provided to make the system ready for installation at site.
  • A panel box to install  the temperature controller is also included in our scope of supply.

Desuperheater is designed as per input data

  • Desuperheater increases volume of steam hence heating efficiency increases.
  • Desuperheater is having Perfect temperature Control
  • Effectiive Evaporation
  • Accurate sizing of nozzle ensures efficient heating.


Blow down valves are screwed on to the trap body at the drain point or where the strainer element is fitted. The direction of the outlet of blow down should be pointing away from the working area.

Limiting Conditions

PMA: Maximum Allowable Pressure        600 Psig  
TMA : Maximum Allowable Temperature 800 F      
Cold Hydrotest Pressure                             900 Psi


  1. Easy to oprate
  2. Blow down valve is maintainance free
  3. Blow down valve is having excellent corrosion resistance due to which it has long life.
  4. Dirt particles can be easily released from blow down valve.