At Pennant, we are always looking for the next new technology to explore, the next new product to launch. Innovation is always on our minds and the future comes a day earlier for us. It is no surprise to us then that customers have come to rely on us for all their steam and energy needs.

We work hard so your industry can too. Our total solutions are designed to ensure effective utilization of your resources, thus promoting extensive growth, whatever the scale of your operations.

The backbone of our manufacturing capabilities is a dedicated team and a strong platform of competencies. The years spent perfecting the entire manufacturing process has borne fruit and our customers spread across 25 countries is testimony to that.

Strong design team

We have some of the industry’s most experienced and talented people working on your core designs. The ability to understand the exact specifications of the customer and to be able to overcome all challenges is a critical, and given, component.

Strong engineering team

Our engineering team has the ability to transform a design into a working product, one that is as per specifications and fits in the customer’s setup seamlessly.

Huge manufacturing infrastructure

Only the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure is deployed to create the products that our customers trust and rely upon. Comprehensive testing facilities and an R&D center support the core business of manufacturing.

Excellent quality team

Rigorous testing and a stringent adherence to international levels ensure products that roll out of Pennant are of the highest quality, comparable to the best in the market.

ISO certified vendor base

We have received an ISO 9001:2008 certification by Det Norse Varitas (DNV) in 1999, qualifying us to cater to the needs of various industries, across different markets.

Flexibility in manufacturing

Customization is the key at Pennant. While we have standard products, each individual unit is designed around specifications unique to the customer it is being designed for. A dedicated team spends precious time studying the customer’s business and exact need, and only after duly satisfying itself of all angles is the design team briefed.