Blow Down Valve

Blow down valve in complete stainless steel construction. Blow down valve is suitable for blowing out unwanted loose material collected in the strainer element. Also used to blow down the system pressure from the device during shutdown.


  1. Stainless steel construction  of blow don valve ensures excellent mechanical & corrosion resistant properties. Specially designed screw mechanism ensures that the operator is clear of the blow down stream.
  2. Tight shut off when in closed condition.
  3. Available in various sizes. Easy to operate. Maintenance free.

½”, ¾”, 1″


Screwed (BSP/BSPT/NPT)


Blow down valves are screwed on to the trap body at the drain point or where the strainer element is fitted. The direction of the outlet of blow down should be pointing away from the working area.

Limiting Conditions

PMA: Maximum Allowable Pressure        600 Psig  
TMA : Maximum Allowable Temperature 800 F      
Cold Hydrotest Pressure                             900 Psi


  1. Easy to oprate
  2. Blow down valve is maintainance free
  3. Blow down valve is having excellent corrosion resistance due to which it has long life.
  4. Dirt particles can be easily released from blow down valve.