Hot Water Generator




Generate hot water by indirect steam heating rather than direct injection s as to avoid losses and inefficiencies with better control.

  • Continuous venting observed due to improper quenching of flash steam
Energy Conservation Measure
  • Replace present direct steam injection hot water generator by indirect one
Estimated savings $6,400 USD per annum for one plant MPP-2
  • Boiler Capacity – 3TPH @ 10.5 barg
  • Fuel – Natural gas
  • Payback – 17 months.

Steam consumption by indirect heating will be higher as compared to direct heating and it is shown in the table below.

It is recommended generating hot water by indirect steam heating with precise temperature controls by Indirect steam heated PHE based system. Hot water generation by indirect steam heating has number of advantaged over direct steam heating, they are as follows.

  • Excess steam available in boiler is utilized which improves the overall efficiency of system.
  • No stall problems i.e. condensate recovery pump used for continuous removal of condensate preventing water hammer and water logging.
  • Accurate temperature control with temperature control valve. Pneumatic operation of valve which ideally suits for fluctuating loads.
  • Accurate control of flow of steam, Internals of the valve is heat treated and nitrided to prevent any erosion due to wiredrawing effect.
  • PHE tailor made for this requirement. Low theta profile in the heat exchanger ensures optimum turbulence, pressure drop and higher heat transfer coefficient.
  • All wetted internal parts are SS 316 and is suitable for pharmaceutical industry.
  • Fail safe operation. High temperature cut off valve provided which is separately connected to controller.